DIY Tea Cup Birdfeeders

April 30, 2017
DIY Tea Cup Birdfeeders

Do you have extra tea cups and coffee mugs filling up your cupboards? Are you looking for a way to dress up your garden and enjoy the beautiful spring that has arrived? Maybe you are just looking for an easy project to help your children make for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. I cleaned my cupboards out two years ago, and now have a box of extra tea cups and mugs in my attic. Those dishes have been waiting for a chance to see the light of day again. I knew the perfect project would eventually fall into my lap, and Eureka I found it!  DIY Tea Cup Birdfeeders! Why not use those dishes to feed the birds? Pretty teacups or mugs can adorn a tree as easily as traditional birdfeeders and they are way more attractive!

If you are somehow lucky enough to have not been the recipient of hand-me-down dishes or years of pile ups, hats off to you! (And let me know your secret!) But fear not, because you can still make this project with very little cost. A trip to your local thrift store or even a walk down Wal-Mart’s dish aisle will provide you with plenty of opportunities. For this project, I bought a mug and saucer from Wal-Mart for 88¢ each, but will be pulling dishes out of my attic to make more!

When finding the perfect pieces to use, ensure you pick cups that have a straight enough side to provide at least two contact points for the side to adhere to the saucer or plate. It doesn’t have to be flush with the plate, just provide enough surface space to bond well. Mix and match saucers if you don’t have sets (the birds aren’t picky). You also need to make sure the cup has a handle to hang it from.

Educational Option: You can get a bird guide and let the kids try and identify the types of birds visiting your feeder. Be aware of what birds like your birdseed, and change it up to attract different varieties!


DIY Tea Cup Birdfeeders

Supplies:DIY Tea Cup Birdfeeders

·         Tea cups or mugs

·         Saucers or small plates

·         Rope or Para Cord to hang the cup from the tree

·         *E6000 glue – you can use other brands, but this is my go-to glue

·         Bird seed

·         Rubbing alcohol (optional – see step 1. Below)

Directions:DIY Tea Cup Birdfeeders

1.       Wash the plates and mugs to remove any surface dirt. After cleaning them,  I used rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to wipe the surface area I would be gluing. This helps ensure the dishes are free of any residue and would get the best hold. This isn’t necessary, but certainly helps as our hands can transfer oils to the dishes after we clean them.

2.      Following the directions on the glue, attach the cup (handle facing directly up for hanging) to the plate. You want to eyeball it here, and do your best to line the cup up in the middle of the plate. This is where making the project with kids is easy because you want to line it up as best as you can, but you don’t have to be 100% accurate. Let the glue dry according to directions, and you are done!

Hanging Your Feeder:

1.   Cut your rope twice the length you need and fold it in half. Slide the loop under the handle of the tea cup, and feed the two cut ends through the loop. Pull the loop tight to secure it. You are now ready to hang your feeder.

2.  Fill the saucer and bottom of cup with birdseed and enjoy watching the different varieties that show up to eat!

*E6000 glue is available at most craft stores and hardware stores, or online.DIY Tea Cup Birdfeeders

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